Feel lucky today

Feel Lucky Today?

At start of session, you may spend a chit to receive it’s bonus for the entire session. Roll d20 on the following table to see what it will affect.

01 Perception throws (Secret door, trap, noise)
02 Proficiency throws (excluding perception)
03 Initiative
04 Missile attack rolls
05 Melee attack rolls
06 Missile damage rolls
07 Melee damage rolls
08 Spell damage rolls
09 Physical saving throws
10 Mental saving throws
11 Critical hit range
12 Natural 20 hit damage extra dice
13 All attack rolls
14 All damage rolls
15 All saving throws
16 Magical healing
17 Damage Subdual
18 Armor Class
19 Hit points (per level)
20 Roll twice and choose

If you do not, you may spend a chit for a chance to keep the bonus you had the previous session for this session also: Roll 1d4 – bonus + chit spent:
1- : Bonus lost.
2 : Bonus decreased by 1.
3,4: Bonus kept.
5+: Bonus increased by 1.

Feel lucky today

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